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MGI Technical Services


MG Intertrade Technical Services - The Chemistry of Our Business MG Intertrade Technical Services develops and maintains news and intelligence services for the commodities markets. MG Intertrade Technical Services leads client business initiatives in the optimization of commodity related; technology, strategy, process, quality, competitiveness and manufacturing.

MGIX Exchange Services


MGIX MG Intertrade Exchange Services - The Chemistry of Our Business We are a lean, diversified, asset-light, technology driven firm that manages the key supply chain aspects of the global trade in bulk polymer commodities. We address the main needs of the chemical and polymer commodity industry and, provide stability through the shorter business cycles with [...]

MG Intertrade


MG INTERTRADE MG Intertrade – Commodities Trading, Logistics, Trade Finance MGIX MG Intertrade Exchange – MGIX Commodity Polymers Market Exchange Site Upgrade: v Ed5.26G

MG INTERTRADE Commodity Polymers

Thermoplastic Resin Materials | Commodity and Engineering Thermoplastic Resins | Polyethylene (PE) | Polypropylene (PP) | Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) | Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) | Polystyrene (PS)

MG INTERTRADE Commodity Metals

Minerals | Copper | Zinc | Ferroalloys | Aluminium | Carbon Steel Materials | Flat Carbon Steel | Flat Carbon Steel Coated Sheet | Flat Carbon Steel Coated Sheet Prepainted | Cold Rolled Steel | Hot Rolled Steel | Long Carbon Steel | Long Carbon Steel Wire