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MG Intertrade
MG Intertrade


MG Intertrade facilitates global commerce through the trading, distribution, resale, financing and marketing of industrial chemicals, metals and polymers through strategic global channels and markets.

MG Intertrade


MG Intertrade is a globally diversified, independent commodity trading, financing and logistics house, using our sectors’ knowledge and global supply bases, we source and market commodities to industrial consumers globally.

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MG INTERTRADE Commodity Polymers

Thermoplastic Resin Materials | Commodity and Engineering Thermoplastic Resins | Polyethylene (PE) | Polypropylene (PP) | Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) | Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) | Polystyrene (PS)

MG INTERTRADE Commodity Metals

Minerals | Copper | Zinc | Ferroalloys | Aluminium | Carbon Steel Materials | Flat Carbon Steel | Flat Carbon Steel Coated Sheet | Flat Carbon Steel Coated Sheet Prepainted | Cold Rolled Steel | Hot Rolled Steel | Long Carbon Steel | Long Carbon Steel Wire